Five Stories In One

Jennifer knows her husband has a fantasy of sharing her with other men, but she has always rejected the idea. Until today…

“Does that mean you would have sex with him ?

Jennifer, knowing she will never have to follow through; the man in question is a famous actor and lives 3000 miles away, decides to indulge her husband’s fantasy.

“Yes,” she purred. “I would have hot, filthy, dirty sex with him and then tell you all about the ways he used and pounded my body.”

Jennifer has no idea her husband’s old college roommate is the famous (and reportedly, very well hung) movie star, Lance Darling and is in town to film “Cupid Takes Charge.”

When the hunky actor turns up at their door, on Valentine’s Day, will Jen unwrap her gift and become the hotwife her husband dreams of?


Since I split up with Stan four months ago, there have been several Tinder hook-ups. None satisfying enough to warrant a repeat performance.

What is it with the guys in my hometown? Is there something in the water that makes them so damn polite in bed? I do not need another gentle fuck. At least not all the time. At times I want to be handled rough and hard.

The quality of men in my bed isn’t the only problem. I want to be used by multiple men. I know it sounds crazy and if can’t rid myself of those desires, I will never be ready for a normal relationship.

One day, I will have to give up on fantasy, but today is not that day. There have been several other trips to Passions since my first visit. Yesterday, not seeing the pink haired girl and her judgie attitude, I picked out two new videos; Ganged by the MC and Split by the Football Team.

After finding my favorite vibe, I grab a towel and strip down. The phone buzzes. It was my mother. I ignore the call and recline on the couch and hit play on the remote.


She pulled up her night shirt and ran a hand across her tight belly. Despite not having had a modeling job in over eleven years, she had maintained her workout routine. She was proud of her body. Even if the man in bed next to her, did not notice any longer, she was well aware of the looks other men gave her. Men like Marcus. She thought of his broad shoulders, as her hand moved upward to her firm breasts. There was a look of want and desire in his eyes, every time she passed him by. She tweaked a nipple.

More than once she had imagined what might be under the tight slacks. Was he bigger than Jack, she mused. A damp heat radiated from her slit as she traced the contour of her lips through the sodden fabric of her thong. She ran a finger over her pussy, imagining the the young mans large hands would feel on her slit.

Her body responded to the touch, causing her labia to swell. Hanna slid her thong down to her knees and continued to finger herself. The door man had full lips, she thought about those lips as as she traced small circles around her hardening nub . Closing her eyes, she imagined his tongue licking her sex.
Her juices were flowing, and a warmth built deep inside her. She touched her needy clit and let out a gasp. A more detailed image of the muscular young man formed in her head. She spread her smooth thighs. Hips rocking as her body sought release. Her swollen pussy was throbbing. Shifting her position Hanna slipped a pair of fingers into her opening. In her mind his meaty cock filled her. Her husband remained asleep, even as she let out a soft moan

Raising her ass off the bed, she worked her hand in and out of her her hungry pussy. . Her breathing became heavier as she felt her orgasm building deep within her quivering body. She whimpered, knowing what was coming, She used her free hand to pinch a nipple; the pain adding to her pleasure. Using her thumb, she applied gentle pressure to her clit, and stiffened as wave upon wave of pleasure racked her body.

MMF Ménage Romance

A 4th of July vacation, in paradise, is just what Alex and Linda need to jumpstart their marriage. Neither has any idea but, their world is about to be rocked by Scott. The sexy, bisexual chef at Temptation resort.

Linda married Alex early, and over 17 years, they’ve built a marvelous life together. But she’s finding herself with questions. Though Alex is a great husband, she can’t help wondering what she missed out on, marrying the first and only man she ever slept with. She can’t seem to stop fantasizing about being with another man.

Alex has some questions of his own. Back before he met and fell in love with his beautiful wife, there had been someone else. A man. For years, Alex has kept that night a secret. Told himself it was just curiosity. Now, as much as he adores Linda, he thinks there may be a part of him she can’t satisfy.

At Temptations, the couple meet Scott. He’s thoughtful, intelligent…and gorgeous. And he just might be the man who answers all their questions—including some they haven’t even asked themselves.

Also available in Paperback and Audio

More Hot Wife Stories

Sex In the 80’s

Written As Wick Tibbets

Sex In The 80’s is a multi-part series about a young man’s encounters with Older Women and is set in Parma, Ohio. The first series takes place in 1983. Each book in the series can be read as a stand alone, but the reading experience will be enhanced if you read them in order.

Prepare to be transported back to the days of Star Wars, VHS, arcade games and working at the mall.

Be warned though it is not all nostalgia and humorous antidotes. You will also find lot’s of sex scenes as our hero learns about how to satisfy a woman from some very talented teachers.

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